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SIDAL – Workshop for the Civil Protection department of Senigallia

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A workshop of the European Erasmus+  Sidal project was organized on Tuesday 7 September 2021, at the Civic Protection Department in Senigallia. “Falchi della Rovere” seniors willing to improve their digital competences, especially for civil defense purposes, met and discussed how to use IT technologies for the civil protection activities. Training 2000 presented a tutorial showing the steps to create an interactive map aimed at locating and interpreting some of the hydrogeological hotspots of the area.  The digital map used for this workshop was a map available on the Civic protection website (protezionecivilesenigallia.it) which was already marked with floods, landslide and earthquake characterizing Senigallia, from the seaside to the countryside. The meeting promptly turned into a brainstorming which mixed digital skills and tools with the participants’ knowledge and expertise on the subject.

In line with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the Department of Senigallia’s main goal is to protect people, properties and the environment through a robust understanding and management of key disaster risks of the area imparted to new volunteers and to locals. The SIDAL project supports this process thanks to its training material and tutorials which will integrate technology in their daily lives.

For further information, please visit the project Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310140163244682/

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