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TRAINING2000 - Ente di formazione
Partners: Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest, AALBORG UNIVERSITET, Training 2000 psc, PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION S.A., CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (CETRI) LTD, Net Technologies Finland Oy
Countries: Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Finland

S3SF aims to develop a transnational vocational education and training program, equipping professionals with smart energy system skills, and creating a methodology and digital platform for simulating energy savings. S3SF seek to offer
comprehensive training focused on energy efficiency and user-centric systems, entrepreneurial attitudes, and digital skills, establish a decentralized training approach, and encourage smart energy system adoption through consumer-oriented simulations.


S3SF expects to deliver an innovative VET curriculum on smart energy systems, train professionals in energy efficiency, develop a digital platform for energy savings simulation, and foster diversity and entrepreneurship. The project will create a network of VET providers, facilitate SES adoption, and contribute to the EU’s energy efficiency goals.