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    Partners: Ikaslan Bizkaia; Mindshift Talent Advisory lda; İnovasyon Girişimcilik Eğitim ve Araştırma Derneği; Foundation Maker’s Place Private Company; Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology LTD-Cardet; Disruptia, SLU; Training 2000 psc; Biedriba Eurofortis
    Countries: Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia


    EduChampions aims to provide teachers and education specialists with references and tools with which, from their expert position, they can promote improvements in training processes that guarantee equity and equal opportunities. The results of the project will include:

    • An interactive dashboard: interactive infographics showing the achievements of edupreneurs influencing change in their educational ecosystems.
    • A learning pathway: an informative pathway for the teaching teams to develop their competences in the field of educational entrepreneurship.
    • Online learning stations: an open access online platform that will collect the infographics, tools and exercises developed by EduChampions.